We currently have about 30 hens at Collins Farm – our main flock is comprised of Maran, Cream Legbar and Welsummer hens, one Cream Legbar cockerel and one Welsummer cockerel.

When we first bought chickens, we began with Maran hens purely to produce eggs for ourselves and our guests. However, we have wanted to increase our flock for some time and recently bought the Legbars and Welsummers with the aim of breeding our own chickens.

We would like to gradually increase the size of the flock and produce a mixture of both pure bred and hybrid (cross bred) birds. The reason for choosing the breeds that we have is, dare I say it, mainly an aesthetic one – the Legbars produce a lovely light bluey green egg, the Wellsummers; a beautiful deep brown one and when the two are crossed; an olive coloured egg.  We just like the idea of producing a variety of different colored eggs – a box of eggs can actually look really pretty!

So, having bought an incubator a couple of months ago and hatching out our first brood of pure-bred birds last month, our first ‘homegrown’ chickens are almost ready to join the main flock outside and the hybrids are in the incubator as I type!

This has been a new experience for the whole family and it has been especially nice seeing the boys looking after the chicks over the last few weeks. We’re all really looking forward to seeing the results of our hatching out and to seeing our chickens grow and thrive here at the farm.