The last couple of weeks have brought a lot of sunshine; that combined with the rain that preceded it has meant that everything here is growing at full force and our veg patch and grazing fields are looking incredibly fruitful. We are so reliant on the weather here on the farm; all of the growth is so heavily dependent on the way the sun shines and the rain falls, so we are glad to have had an abundance of both of late.

The lovely growth is a good thing for our flock of sheep – the grass was much needed – but the heat when wearing a thick wool coat is not especially welcome. This is why it has been our priority to get them sheared; Charlie has been very busy carting the flock back and forth, and working his shearing magic to help make those sheep more comfortable.

They certainly seem a lot happier when they have been sheared, and we are pleased too to be in possession of their wonderful wool! This is our second year with the New Zealand Romney as our predominant breed, having kept Hampshire Downs prior to this.To those uninitiated on sheep breeds, the Romneys are much smaller, their wool isn’t as thick, and it’s of a much better quality. In short, they are much easier to shear and also we are very excited about the blankets and throws that they will produce!

Last year’s wool blankets, throws and yarn took a little longer than usual due to Covid-19, so we are still waiting for them to arrive. We are really excited to see what our suppliers have created with what we sent them; there has been a real anticipation due to the big delay, but I’m sure it will all be worth the wait.

This year’s wool is due to be sent shortly, and we’re hoping that the improvements in the Covid-19 situation will mean a much shorter lead time. Our big aim is to use the wool blankets, throws and yarn in our holiday let, to gift to friends and family, and to sell through the shop on our website (coming soon!) There is so much to look forward to here on the farm, and we can’t wait to share more with you.